International Volunteers

Teaching & tutoring

Since we are a school, we invite volunteers to assist in teaching and tutoring core subjects.  The teachers in our school are trained in Ghanaian Teacher Training Colleges and they will always teach together with volunteers. Our school uses an international curriculum, which is a blend of the Ghanaian syllabus supplemented with methodologies from the UK, US and Canada. These methodologies are completely new to our teachers.
The opportunity for teachers to work together with an international teaching assistant, who can share his or her own experiences with them, creates a possibility for them to explore these new methodologies. Together they can develop these methodologies in a way that is appropriate for the Ghanaian environment.
Next to exchanging knowledge with the teacher, your work will benefit the children. The more teachers and assistants, the more attention we can give our pupils. Greater Heights departs from the fundamental belief that every child is inherently able to learn. You just have to find the way that suits the child and some children need extra attention. Teachers can identify children that need to be tutored individually or in groups by volunteers.
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