We are Unique

At Greater Heights International School, we believe that quality education is a right. The right to education is first and foremost agreed upon in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Everyone shall enjoy the human right of education.  The Convention of the Rights of the Child spells out the objective and quality of education. We here as a school believe that not only education is a right, BUT it has to be a GOOD EDUCATION.

We seek/try to:

  • Give each child a “Better Education so they can have a Brighter Tomorrow”.
  • Give better education to all regardless of sex, tribe, religion, race, cultural background.
  •  Provide quality and sound education through the use of modern technology like the internet and computer mediated learning.
  • With the help of our international volunteers we have one-on-one learning sessions to help out students that have come from other schools where the level of education is not as high as ours.  
  • The school tires not only to focus on academic activities but also engages in extra-curriculum activities such as Physical Education (P.E), drumming and dancing, educational field trips.
  • To make learning more fun for the children we also have a zoo with about forty six (46) animals that delight kids of all ages.

We are unique but we know our work is not yet finished. We still strive to take our school to “Greater Heights”.