Our mission: Provide a comprehension based learning

The situation in Ghana today is that most children receive “schooling”, but not an education. The Ghanaian educational system is still based on reproduction. Such schooling takes away the learners’ curiosity and joy of learning and creates powerlessness.

Children are not stimulated to become inquisitive and critical thinking persons who can become active members of a civil society that can hold their government and international institutions accountable for the fulfilment of their rights. Instead, children are taught to follow authority blindly and to accept situations as they are.

Greater Heights International School wants to change this situation and provide quality education based on comprehension. We provide education that can bring about change and transformation in our students by encouraging questions, curiosity, analysis, reflection, exploration, creativity and problem solving.

The children are tested on their understanding of the subject matter and on how well they can apply their gained knowledge, not on how well they can reproduce a given definition.